Capsules La Milagrosa - All-Natural, Cleansing, and Skin Purifying Capsules. Helps heal blemishes, may be used by Acne Prone skin as well as Aging Skin.

La Milagrosa Capsules

  • Helps to keep the skin more hydrated, soft and elastic, since it strengthens the capacity of the tissues to maintain water.

    • Collagen softens fine lines of expression and facial wrinkles, as it provides essential amino acids that allow the skin to recover its structure.

    • Helps to prevent wrinkles and aging, to firm the skin, to erase lines of expression, to elasticity, anti-acne, healing.

    • Hydrate the skin, recover and regenerate skin tissue.

    • It also helps you to have stronger hair, avoiding excessive hair loss, making it look more voluminous, shiny and healthy.

    • Hardens and strengthens nails making them grow harmoniously and without alterations.

    • Due to its powerful antioxidant action, it is also recommended for people who want to lose weight due to its satiating effect and its composition of 94% protein and 0% fat, cholesterol and carbohydrates. In addition it favors the elimination of toxins, which is the 1st step to lose weight.

    • It helps to reduce cellulite and to fade stretch marks, because it allows an adequate structure of the skin, preventing the fat from appearing towards the surface of the skin.

    • As a nutritional supplement it helps in the prevention of diseases such as rheumatoid osteoarthritis, sports injuries or accidents. It even manages to delay or prevent the progressive degeneration of the cartilaginous tissue.

    *Consult your doctor if you are pregnant, lactating or taking medication before taking this or any other supplement.This supplement is not evaluated by the FDA and is the responsibility of the person who takes it or recommends it.

  • This supplement is authentic and original, if you are not satisfied with product, you can return product,and we will issue a full refund DO NOT OPEN OR BREAK THE SECURITY SEAL . Otherwise we do not accept returns. The cost of return is paid by the buyer.


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